Arash Aazami

Free Thinker

intense and inspiring

Free thinker

System innovator

Arash is a high-speed storyteller who combines surprising views on the world with personal anecdotes. One friendly word of advice: stay awake and stay sharp during his speech. You may end up with new paradigms.

Arash (1977) is an entrepreneur, system innovator and free thinker. After five years in music he gained experience in IT startups before taking his first steps into the energy sector in 2006. He then started the development of radically different business models and founded world’s first energy independence company in 2010, which earned more as it sold less energy. His model, the Path to Zero, gained international attention when it was awarded by MIT in 2014.


In 2015 Arash founded Kamangir. His team of scientists, philosophers and artists lay the foundation for the “Next Society”, developing long-term visions, strategies and disruptive innovations for future generations. Kamangir works for various Dutch governments, the International Renewable Energy Agency, TwoBillionEyes, Alliander and many others.

“Arash gave a very inspiring talk, demonstrating how it is really possible to make a positive difference by taking action through entrepreneurship. His talk created a great vibe for the whole conference!”

“It feels like David is moving out to meet Goliath, but we all know who is winning that fight. ”